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What is tow truck insurance?

Tow truck insurance is under the umbrella of commercial auto.  A tow truck business assist in disabled vehicles on the side of the road or removing vehicles from unwanted lots.  Tow truck companies often work with roadside services, auto body shops, private parking lots, or salvage yards.  If you have more questions about tow truck insurance, give us a call.

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We know a lot is riding on your tow truck so you help people in need.  Let us help you put together a tow truck insurance package that meet your needs.  We have experience agents know the difference between a conventional tow truck, wheel lift, rollback or semi truck wheel lift.  If you have more questions about tow truck insurance, give us a call.

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Common tow truck insurance questions

There are a lot of factors that go into a tow truck insurance rate. This includes, type of truck, garaging location, radius, age of driver, driving record,  value of the truck dot history, and coverage limits.  The auto liability coverage, the part that makes you legal is always going to be the most expensive part of a commercial auto policy.

Tow truck insurance is under the umbrella of commercial auto.  Most states require a minimum auto liability limit of $750,000 to be considered legal.  Other coverages are available and may be required from your broker.  This could include, garagekeepers general liability, physical damage coverage or onhook coverage.

The main reason tow truck insurance can be expensive is so expensive is due to the potential impact or damage the vehicle can cause. Think about it, an average car weights between 2,000 to 4,000 lbs, while a commercial vehicle like a ag truck can be in the 40,000 lb range.  If your still not convinced, try standing in front of a horse at full charge vs one of your kids.  Long story short, all states require trucking operators to carrier a minimum auto liability limit of $750,000 just in case the worst case scenario happens.  It's best to be prepared. 

Recommended coverages for towing companies

We can tailor a tow truck package to meet your needs, anything from liability only to get you on the road, to full coverage.  We keep tow truck insurance simple.

Other common trucking operations

We can insure almost any type of commercial truck out there.  Below is the most common we see.  If you don’t see the business class you are interested in, give us a call

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States we can offer towing insurance

We can help put an affordable towing insurance package together for you.  We write commercial auto insurance the the following states.

Tow Truck Insurance

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