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A motor carrier is a business entity, individual, partnership or corporation that is responsible for the transportation of goods, property or people.  A motor carrier is the legal entity that directs and controls the operation of one or more commercial trucks.

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Many motor carrier use permanently leased independent contractors.  The independent contractor uses the motor carriers auto liability under their authority.  However, the independent contractor may still need to purchase non-trucking liability coverage as well as a few optional coverages for the truck.  for example, physical damage coverage, medical payment coverage, uninsured motorist coverage to name a few.

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There are a lot of factors that go into a motor carrier truck insurance rate.  This includes, type of truck, garaging location, radius, age of driver, driving record,  value of the truck and dot history, to name a few.  

Insurance for the motor carrier permit is under the umbrella of commercial auto.  Most states require a minimum auto liability limit of $750,000 to be considered legal.  Other coverages are available and may be required from your broker.  This could include, truckers general liability, physical damage coverage on a none-owned trailer or motor truck cargo coverage.

The main reason motor carrier truck insurance can be expensive is due to the potential impact or damage the vehicle can cause. Hence, why the states require trucking operators to carrier a minimum auto liability limit of $750,000.

There are a lot of factors that go in to motor carrier insurance rate.  This includes, type of truck, garaging location, radius, value of the tow truck, to name a few.  

Whether you are looking for the bare bone coverage to get going or a carefully thought through package to protect all of your assets.  We can help you do it all.

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We can tailor a truck insurance package to your needs, anything from liability only to get going, to full coverage.

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