Intermodal Insurance

Working with an expert is essential for trucking companies that transport containers. Coast Transport has several programs focused around intermodal coverage.  The intermodal chassis is often leased by motor carriers hauling containers, while the actual tractor may be owned by the carrier.

UIIA is often necessary for truckers that transport containers (Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement). To enter a port or rail yard, a motor carrier must acquire this. Because they frequently lease the chassis, carriers must additionally obtain hired and non-owned insurance. In order to safeguard the containers that are being carried, trailer interchange coverage must be obtained as well.

Using a combination of ships, trains, and trucks, intermodal freight transport moves cargo from one method of transportation to another. In most cases, large-scale boxes are piled on trains or boats and transported by vehicles to their destinations. The freight is not really touched during this operation, since it is still contained in the intermodal transport container, while it moves between modes. Because the freight is contained in a container, there is a great degree of security with this method of transportation. Allows for speedier freight transportation, as well as lessens damage to goods. In spite of the fact that truck transport is a more time-consuming method of transportation, it has a lower overhead cost.

Transporting containers by truck need specialized insurance with a focus on intermodal protection. A Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement must be purchased if a motor carrier leases an intermodal chassis but owns the tractor (UIIIA). To go into a rail yard or port, a motor carrier must have a written consent from the owner.

In most cases, carriers that lease chassis must additionally obtain non-owned and hired insurance. Trailer interchange covering is also needed to protect the containers from any damage that may occur during transit, such as cracks, chips, dents, and breaks.

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Intermodal Insurance

Recommended coverages for intermodal trucking

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UIIA Insurance Requirements For Intermodal Trucking

Under the UIIA (Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement), intermodal truckers are required to carry additional insurance as part of their contracts. Intermodal truckers, maritime carriers, and rail carriers may all sign the UIIA, which is a standardized agreement between the IANA and the trucking companies. In order to guarantee that everyone follows the same regulations, the UIAA was established. In the United States, the majority of intermodal equipment exchanges are certified by the UIIA and adhere to its standards.

You must fulfill all the insurance standards set out by UIIA in order to transport intermodal freight.:

  • $1,000,000 Auto Liability coverage
  • $1,000,000 General liability
  • Cargo Insurance with specified limits depending on the equipment provider
  • Trailer Interchange Insurance to cover non-owned equipment/containers being hauled
    • Trailer Interchange Insurance must have Comprehensive, Collision, Fire and Theft coverages.
  • Truckers Uniform Intermodal Interchange Endorsement
intermodal insurance

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