Auto liability insurance

Auto liability insurance primary purpose is to protect the public from injury or property damage resulting from an accident where the insured is deemed at fault.  Depending on what state you live in and how heavy your vehicle is, is what determines what the minimum auto liability insurance you will need.

auto liability insurance

If you plan on driving a motor vehicle, you will need to have auto liability insurance.  The level of coverage you will need depends on your state's financial responsibility level.  The level of insurance needed generally depends on the weight of your vehicle. 

Most states require semi trucks to have their auto liability limit at a minimum of $750,000CSL.  Keep in mind, what is required by the state and what your broker requires are usually at two different levels.  Most brokers require truckers to carry an auto liability limit of $1,000,000CSL, but we have seen coverage up to $5,000,000.

Auto liability insurance is made up of two coverages. Bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability coverage.  The bodily injury liability coverage would be used to cover the other party's medical bills to make them whole again or close to it.  While the property damage liability coverage would be used to fix or replace their personal effects such as their car bumper, whole car, brick wall, etc.  

There are a lot of factors that go in to the auto liability rate of a semi truck.  For example, the weight of the vehicle, type of vehicle, radius of the vehicle, age of the driver, and garaging address to name a few.

Truck Insurance
Truck Insurance

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